Backstory Edit

Atticus started out as a simple basket weaver and worshipper of the lizard god, Zlntrlkopfr. When the island of his people became overran with undead, he quickly migrated south on his own, leaving his family behind in an attempt to make it on his own in his new life. While separated from his home, he still held a feverent worshiping of his god. As he travelled, eventually he met an arch druid and recieved training from him with dreams of overtaking his homelands again. After 12 years of training, eventually he heard of a strong group of miscreants that went by the name of The Henderbeards, where he would join the fight against demons and undead.

Stats Edit

14 STR

14 DEX

16 CON

10 INT

21 WIS

12 CHA

21 AC

172 HP

Unexpected Fruit Edit

The henderbeards went with his plan of going to his homelands and clearing it of undead, and speaking to his god. He fought alongside his new allies, dying a few times along the way. At the end of his trials, he came upon the resting place of "Zlntrlkopfr", where he was promptly awoken and hosted a banquet. The final course had turned out to be a living, breathing human babe, which conflicted with the principals of Bob and Atticus held. Moving into action, the henderbeards fought him and killed him, where Atticus claimed his title as the Lizard God.

Magic ItemsEdit

+2 Wooden Ring of Protection: Personally carved from an oaken branch from the sacred grove, Atticus has enchanted this himself to give greater protection.

+2 Shield

+2 Hide armor:  The item is crafted to appear thoroughly unremarkable. It looks tattered, battered, and well worn—all the better to discourage thieves from stealing it. While underground, you always know your depth and the direction (though not distance) to the nearest staircase, ramp, or other path leading upward. At strange times, this armor grumbles and mutters. Occasionally, when listening closely, you learn interesting things.

Trivia Edit

  • Atticus has a low AC(21) often leading to his death if another healer isnt around.
  • Atticus is often the BUH(back up healer) if Bob isn't around.
  • Atticus spends most of his free time either travelling speaking to his followers, or taking care of the various sacred groves.
  • Most Used Spell: Elemental Mantel

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