Bow of DoublingEdit

This magical short bow is made of red oak and with ivory inlays. Property (Attuned):  This bow offers no bonuses on attack or damage, but it does have the unique property of being able to fire two arrows at the same time. Once per turn whenever a nonmagical arrow is fired from the bow, it automatically creates and fires a second arrow that does 1d6 piercing damage. If the first arrow hits its target, so does the second; if the first shot misses, the second arrow has normal probabilities to hit. All arrows shot from this bow, whether they hit or not, are destroyed upon impact (or as soon as it is determined that they did not hit) and cannot be recovered.

Rarity: Rare Source:  DRAGON Magazine 99 GP Value: 800

Mactro for 2 +1 arrows and a mundane arrow: /me shoots his bow 1d20+8 for 1d6+5, 1d20+8 for 1d6+5, 1d20 for 1d6 and the second arrow does 1d6.