The Iron Crown is a diadem of great value because it is studded with diamonds and only diamonds, giving the polished iron an almost unearthly radiance. The crown represents great wealth.

Crown of Leadership

This piece of regal jewelry is adorned by 10 gems, each worth 100 gp. If any are removed, the crown becomes nonmagical. The user's Charisma is 18 while the intact crown is worn. In addition, any fear, magical or otherwise can be dispelled by a single command word, effective within 60 feet. A wearer may also produce an effect similar to a priest's bless spell by talking to others within 60 feet for one turn.  The recipients gain a +1 bonus to attack and savings throw rolls. The effect lasts for six turns and may be produced twice a day. The wearer's morale is unaffected. This "pep talk" can have effect for as long as six rounds even if interrupted once, as long as the full turn of talking is then completed.


This item is rumored to be residing in the High Temple.