Damian was born in a small Halfling town that was unfortunately caught in a war between two neighboring cities, the town was completely decimated. Thus, Damian, a child at the time, along with most of his town was forced to relocate to the slums of one of the neighboring cities. There were kind people who had accepted them into the community, but their arrival was also met with a substantial amount of contempt from others. Although, life was more difficult now and they were often ridiculed, the Halflings and the small community who accepted them tried for the most part to be kind and happy. However, one instance during a particularly difficult time a group of ruffians crashed into Damian's home taking what they please and nearly beating everyone in the small shack to death. In that moment of helplessness a feral anger sparked within Damian, and he lashed out at one of the assailants tearing the man’s ear off with his teeth. Shocked and frightened by the sudden gruesome merciless action, the ruffians retreated from the shack. That moment shaped Damian’s young adult years, spending most of those years as a street tough within slums, using fear and intimidation to keep the darker elements of the city away from his community. At times Damian has even resorted to providing muscle and protection for less-than-reputable organizations in order to keep the good people of his community safe.

Distinguishing traits:Edit



Damien's left arm is marbled silver and flesh, the remains of a silver arm presented by an avatar of the gods after getting his old one chopped off in battle.  A big contrast to his gnarled and scarred right arm.  


Damian is a Dune Trader

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Magic ItemsEdit

  • [[Nightwatcher|Nightwatcher
  • +1 Silvered Tomahawk (Named Temper)
  • +1 Dagger (Named Tantrum)
  • +1 Shortbow
  • 5 +1 Shuriken
  • Cloak of Resistance
  • Gauntlet of Ogre Strength