Dorath Kir

I am Dorath Kir, human fighter and leader of the Council of Wrath.  Next time you think you want to take someone out, don't get yourself a good squad. Get yourself a team.


Dorath is the glue that binds the Council of Wrath together. He formed the group and gathered together the individual members. In battle he does not issue commands (tactics are not his strength), but he does serve as the group’s front man: When you want to hire the Council, you come to Dorath.

Dorath is a hulking man with shining white teeth and dark eyes. His black hair is cut very short, and he has a silver earring. He wears a dark gray and blue cloak over his armor.

Interactions with the HenderbeardsEdit

Dorath first appeared in Session 21. He met the party in Tulara Steak & Ale, where they shared an ale together. Unbeknownst to the party, he was scoping them out, as he had been hired to assassinate them. He swindled Damian out of 1500 gold, and bought potions of fire and cold damage resistance, in preparation for fighting the party.

He incited a band of dwarves to attack them in response to the paladin burning and burying the corpses of their relatives.

In episode 26, he and his team sprung their attack. They started off strong, but in the end five of seven members were killed, and he was captured. Having assured the Henderbeards that he would not kill any more innocents ever again, they returned his magic longsword and let him go.

Dorath joined the group again in episode 26.  He and Garx joined up and helped Solaris and Grimweld on a side quest, and was with them when they found a black dragon egg.

He also helped out in episode 44.  He will be making additional appearences as we reach endgame.

Dorath showed up to help again in episode 50


Race: Human

Class: Fighter


  • +2 Longsword
  • +2 half-plate
  • +2 large steel shield
  • +2 Longbow
  • 20 arrows
  • cloak of resistance +2
  • Potion of endurance
  • Potion of cure moderate wounds
  • Silver earring
  • 654 gp.