Dune TraderEdit

“I've crossed the Tablelands, survived the Ivory Triangle, slipped away from Hamanu’s half-giant thugs, and sold sand to a tarek. I've seen it all, and there isn't much left that can surprise me.”

Dune traders roam every civilized corner of the known world. From crowded marketplaces crawling with thieves, to caravans wending across difficult wastes, to the isolated settlements and trading posts found in the places between the great city-states, dune traders are everywhere, pushing their wares on anyone they encounter. dune traders bring needed goods to remote areas, offering water, food, arms, and more, but their work is not charity. Such offerings come at the highest prices a merchant can ask and still be able to move the merchandise. It’s all about making a profit, and no one does a better job at looking out for themselves and their wealth than the dune traders of Athas.

Benefit:  "You lash out at your enemies and move your allies into a defensible position."

Effect: When you attack, you can shift 20 ft or each ally within 25 ft. of you can shift 10 ft. as a free action. (Shifting does not draw OA and does stack with charge).

Level 6 Benefit:

Every time you use Quick Formation to shift or shift an ally, they (or you) gain a +1 to AC.

Level 14 Benefit: Slick Negotiator

You don't let a gaffe sabotage your negotiation, moving on as if the misstep never occurred

Once per encounter, as a free action when an ally makes a bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, streetwise check and dislikes the result, you can add a +3 to the check. Or if the check was made against you you can impose disadvantage on the roll.