Facts and Figures
Type Village
Population 2500
Region Kalased
Chief Torongo
Tavern Pints o' Plenty

Main Diety Rohrkhad
Race Dwarven

Businesses of HarazaEdit

  • Maluan's Supply Shop
  • Haraza Axe and Sword - Can silver weapons
  • Pints o' Plenty
  • Haraza Fittery - Sells fine clothes (15 gp)
  • Smith instruction
  • Riverside Inn (5 sp per day)
  • Lunak Armorer - All manner of mundane armor, up to platemail.
  • The Gem Quarter sales right, cutting and polishing left
  • Loremaster
  • Haraza Swordplay Academy (Gain proficiency with swords 500 gp)
  • Smithy Employment Available

Chief: Torongo

Notable People in HarazaEdit

  • Fazil
  • Tyal

Patrons of Pints o' PlentyEdit

Shop OwnersEdit

  • Tunal (Fittery)
  • Lunak (Helms)
  • Emyar (Gems)
  • Maluan (Supplies)
  • T'Kalo (Weapons)

Rumors heard in HarazaEdit

  • Curse those Taldor swine! They ravage the land and threaten our children!
  • The Taldor come from Tower Pradaqa which lies to the northwest.
  • Asarene is relatively free of Taldor, thanks to the raiding between clan Morin and ourselves.
  • Someday we will end this warring between clans!
  • I once saw a dwarf charge into battle with his axe and get peppered with bolts from Dimelf crossbows. Be careful of them; they are good shots.
  • The wilds are not a safe place to sleep. Unless you are in a Sacred Grove, beasts might tear you limb from limb as you rest.
  • Someday we will end this warring between clans!
  • If it's information you seek, the loremaster possesses a bounty of knowledge. He even knows about 'teleportals'.
  • If it is aid you seek, speak with our chief, Torongo. He is always happy to provide assistance to those who have lost their way. He lives in the guarded pyramid on the western side of town.
  • The Loremaster lives in the southwestern part of town.
  • I'm tired of the fighting between us and the Morin. I wish someone would put an end to it!
  • Beware the Tlatol! They are savage lizards!
  • I am told that the Eastern regions of Tarq are much more civilized than the western reaches.
  • Tarq is the name of this great land.
  • The Morin are barbaric and uncivilized! Take great care when dealing with them.


  • Someday my axe will be as big as Bucky's!
  • Shouldn't you be out killing something?
  • Bucky the superdwarf is known and loved by all!