Facts and Figures
Type Village
Population 2500
Region Dormani
Chief Nobody
Tavern The Frothy Mug

Main Diety Rohrkhad
Race Dwarven

Businesses of KafariEdit

  • Snug Cove Inn
  • Crossbow instruction - Gain proficienc with a crossbow (250 gp)
  • Raan's Weapon Shop - All Mundane weapons
  • Kafari Runemaster - A library of ancient texts
  • The Sapphire's Eye - Buy and sell gems
  • Sealskin Emporium - Clothing, common and traveler's
  • Guitar Center. Sale today ONLY - Musical items.  What cha lookin' for?
  • Kafari Gemcutting. Help wanted
  • Gemcutting School
  • The Frothy Mug

Notable People in KafariEdit

  • Notama
  • Pleitan
  • Rakan
  • Shedara
  • Smorqa

Patrons of the Frothy MugEdit

  • Abbora
  • Aethu
  • Bar Tender
  • Bolrus
  • Emmera
  • Jackson
  • Maxon
  • Olga
  • Re
  • Torm
  • Yond

Rumors Heard in KafariEdit

  • Be sure to have a sturdy rope before you enter the mountains.
  • The Tamar are pompous and arrogant! Take caution when dealing with them!
  • In the wilderness, seek the Sacred Groves. They offer a safe refuge from the beasts of the wild.
  • Beyond Tulara, our sister city to the west, the lands become very dangerous! Sinister creatures inhabit those lands. Take great caution travelling there!
  • We must be vigilant! The Tamar tribesmen have been raiding our villages more and more frequently.
  • The west holds great peril for the unready warrior.
  • The Tamar clan is a self righteous group of dwarves that lives to the north. They perpetually raid the towns of our clan!
  • Our chieftain, Rakan, lives in the big house in the southeastern corner of town, seek him for advice. He is the mighty chieftain of the Morin tribe.
  • Our land of Dormani is certainly beautiful. Except for the occasional tribal raid, our land is one of the least volatile in Tarq.
  • Go to gemcutting school. Your ability to craft beautiful gems will be greatly increased.