Kilborne Blindshaft

Dwarf Fighter/Brewer

Kilborn's Regiment of the FootEdit

Size: 40 troops

Key Leaders:

Yukris - Lieutenant

Bolrus - Lieutenant

Trillax - Enchanter

Support staff:

Telana - Tailor

T'Kalo - Blacksmith

Millie - The cook

Monthly operating costs:  2,060 gp

(Additional members cost 80 gp for outfitting and an upkeep of 5-25 gp a month)

Equipment of NoteEdit

  • 2 +1 spears
  • +1 longsword
  • +1 wooden shield
  • 3 +1 shields
  • +1 Shortsword
  • +1 leather armor
  • Glowing staff (has a permanent light spell cast on it)

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