-200Don't leave Tulara without a good cache of my supplies. I have rope, for scaling high mountains, shovels, for unearthing treasure, and picks, for opening pesky, locked chests.


Product Property Stock Price
Blessed Bandage Immediately stabilize a dying creature (can be used untrained without a healing check) 0 50
Sleep Smoke Creatures need to make a DC 14 Con save or sleep for 1d3 minutes.  (affects 20 ft diameter circle.) 0 100
Blasting Pellets Covers 5 ft square, any creature going through the square takes 1d6 damage 0 50
Shape Sand Through the exertion of your will (Wisdom check DC 16), you can create any mundane non-magical object out of sand that serves as a normal item of the same sort. It retains that shape as long as it stays within 100' of you, but you can also reshape it whenever you like by making another Wisdom check. 0 250
Liquid Sunlight On impact, the liquid continues to give off light like a torch for 1 round. A struck creature who is light sensitive becomes Dazzled for 1 round. A creature that is actually harmed by sunlight, such as a Vampire, takes 1d6 damage. 0 6050
Expandable Pole Every adventurer needs the obligatory 10' pole, but this one "goes to 11". It can be adjusted to 5', 7', 9', or 11' lengths, or collapsed down to 1'. 0 20
Quick Draw Sheath 1 Dagger can be drawn from this sheath as a free action during combat. 0 75

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