Vital statistics
Type Tlengle
Population 1500
Region North Balat
Chief N?A
Tavern Golden Cliffs Tavern

Bussinesses of MaratEdit

  • Marat Leadership School all applicants welcome!
  • Cliffside Guesthouse - Rooms for Rent (5 sp a night)
  • The Gem Center
  • Golden Cliffs Tavern
  • Marat Metalsmith
  • Krnshpazl's Herbs
  • Tlengleian Tailoring School
  • Ilntrakopf - Weaponmonger
  • Adventuring Supplies
  • Tumbling Dice Casino

Notable People of MaratEdit

Arnrykl - bartender at the Golden Cliffs Tavern:

Well, I'd suggest a Cliffside Stout, if you like a heady brew. What do you think of our little community? Don't drink too much or you're likely to fall off the cliff. Of course, if you were married to my wife, you might fall off the cliff anyway.

Rnjrnet - Magician

Stores and StallsEdit

  • Krnshpazl: For what have you come to my store? More herbs and mushrooms? Be careful, my young friend. Put not your faith in potions and concoctions. True power comes from within.
  • Ilntrakopf: What do you think this is, a weapon shop? Oh, wait a second, it is a weapon shop. Sorry, I thought I was my dead twin brother, Morty the Meatslicer. I do have some weapons for you to buy.
  • Prntokld: Pretty, pretty gems. I must have them. You must sell me all of your gems right away! They must be mine! Give them to me!
  • Tenglog: If you have any shovels, I'll gladly buy them. Not that I need any shovels, but wood is very hard to come by in these parts, so the handle is valuable. Of course, I can't sell you any shovels, but I do offer picks and ropes. Our ropes are the best in Tarq. With some of the fat lizards we get around here, they have to be to support their weight on the cliffs.

Notable details:

The original language of the Tlengle was 'my language'. Interestingly, this caused many problems for people on other planes when their intended wish for something in 'my language' was corrupted by another language with that exact name.

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