Mercenary Sellswords, spellslingers, soldiers of fortune, freebooters—regardless of their appellation, mercenaries are heroes who work for pay. Capable warriors and spellcasters are always in demand, and the more desperately they’re needed, the better paid they are. More than a few young heroes begin their careers by striking out in search of opportunities to turn their fighting skills into high-paying jobs. Although most people expect that mercenaries do only what they’re paid to do, it’s not unusual for a heroic mercenary to show a soft spot after coming across people in need who can’t afford his or her services. It might not be good business, but one of the advantages of being unencumbered by loyalties and obligations is the ability to follow the dictates of one’s conscience whenever they strike.


"You sweep or shoot through an enemy’s legs and knock it to the ground - hard."

Effect: Once per encounter, when you hit an enemy, you can do extra damage (+dex modifier & prof) and knock your enemy prone.

Level 6 Benefit:

Turn the Tide:  Once per day, as a reaction when hit by an enemy with combat advantage, you can turn the tide against an enemy.  You can cancel that combat advantage, and gain combat advantage over that enemy.  When you use this benefit, you gain 5 temporary HP.