Here are the npcs we've met throughout our adventure.


Bucky, the mysterious Dwarven hero


Dorath Kir, Mercinary

Garx, Dorath Kir's partner

Keraptis the Necromancer

Kilborn Blindshaft

Kilborn's Regiment of the Foot

Qesnef (The true form of Fesneq)


Rolg, a Dwarven merchant

The Seer



Torongo, chief of the Tamar Tribe

Rakan, chief of the Morin Tribe

Npcs From the Caves of ChaosEdit

Finn (Male Human Commoner): This portly merchant has been whipped into a stupor. He is an influential member of his guild and promises a reward for his rescue. If he is rescued, the guild pays 25 gp per character and grants each character honorary guild membership for one year, with price breaks on mundane supplies.

Anara (Female Human Commoner): Finn’s wife and business partner, Anara is a capable combatant. She gladly accepts simple weapons and light armor, but she prefers to wield a +1 dagger she has hidden in her boot.

Eddard and Paul (Male Human Commoners): These two guards, although dedicated, were unable to hold off the hobgoblin raiding party that attacked their master’s caravan. Eager to take up arms and help to return Finn to safety, they can use simple and martial weapons and wear armor.

Ishrak (Male Orc): This orc warrior belongs to the tribe in cave B. He was captured while foraging in the ravine and says he wants only the chance to kill goblins and hobgoblins. He asked for the hobgoblin lair to convert it to a peaceful home for orcs that he was friends with. they also allow the group to rest in their cave for free.

Shadrag (Male Bugbear) met in the bugbear cave chained to a wall.

Enemy NpcsEdit

Ragnar the Male Human Barbarian (Deceased/alive?) met in the bugbear cave chained to a wall. he was raving mad and most of the party really did not want to free him, the paladin did free him though and we paid for it after he beat down Solaris.