Obscuring MistEdit

1st-level Conjuration (Creation)

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Range: 20 ft.

Duration: 1 min./level

Effect: Cloud spreads in 20-ft. radius from you, 20 ft. high

A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks made at disadvantage). Creatures farther away have total concealment, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target.

A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from a gust of wind spell, disperses the fog in 4 rounds. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round. A fireball, flame strike, or similar spell burns away the fog in the explosive or fiery spell’s area. A wall of fire burns away the fog in the area into which it deals damage.

This spell does not function underwater.