Henderbeard is a warmage capable of casting large swats of destruction through enemy lines, hidden under his destructive capabilitys lies a keen mind known for it's bouts of insane genius capable of saving the party from situations where they would have otherwise died.

He is also very protective over the rest of the party although he often ends up showing a great amount of exasperation for the things the rest of the party ends up doing.

He has been known for being one of the people you would least want as an enemy, the few things that have survived a fight with him can probably be counted on one hand.


At a young age he was cursed by a wandering wizard who thought it was hilarious that an elf named Henderbeard would grow a beard, sadly the wizard was killed before he ever got to teach anyone the counterspell.
the good thing was that henderbeard loved his beard and would never try to find a way to undo the curse.
before he joined the group he was living in a great place of learning sadly an accident happened, Henderbeard's hobby was to roll barrels down stairs and one day he managed to kill someone in the end he was told never to come back.


Henderbeard is a Sensate

Henderbeard's 50 questionsEdit

Tropes that fit HenderbeardEdit

Chaotic good type 4 "Closest i could get to my alignment without advancing too much with an explanation"

BadassGrandpa "Although i'd like to put myself as this im not really sure it fits me."

BadassBeard "A beard that actually blocks arrows, if that's not badass i don't know what is."

BlackMage "This one i fit pretty well compared to everything else"

GlassCannon "This fits mostly because Chris does not leave me alone when I'm trying to slaughter his forces"

SquishyWizard "This goes hand in hand with the trope above, although I'm slightly above this trope that does not mean i can't suffer under it."

IHateX "I hate golems, I hate idiots, I hate things that are immune to magic"

KillItWithFire "First thing i try to do when we get a new enemy"

KillItWithIce "My second choice when it comes to killing things"

Henderbeards spellsEdit


Henderbeard Dreams of making an arcane university where everyone can come learn from powerful magi. gathering teacher's from all over the world to help teach the next generation of mages.
Dalaran by xHeroess

A picture of how Henderbeard would want his arcane university to look like

Magic ItemsEdit

  • Bracers of Defense
  • Staff of Striking
  • Pearl of Power
  • A staff cap of earth and stone (see appendix 2).