Facts and Figures
Type Village
Population 1400
Region Kalased
Chief Torongo
Tavern The Rusty Nail Tavern

Main Diety Rohrkhad
Race Dwarven

Businesses of PhorosheEdit

  • Phoroshe carpenter
  • Falk's Natural Medicine
  • Supply shop Aalinta proprietess
  • Gold Coin gambling hall
  • Tuonial's music shop
  • The Rusty Nail Tavern
  • Rohrkhad's Beard (Inn 5 sp/night)
  • Weapon Depot
  • Phoroshe Axe School (Gain proficiency with axes 500 gp)
  • Academy of Research (Gain proficiency in Knowledge checks 500 gp)
  • Temple to Melmalan

Notable People of PhorosheEdit

  • Borton
  • Karana
  • Trillax

Patrons of The Rusty NailEdit

  • Sarides
  • Grelira
  • Solarra
  • Jalen the bartender
  • Quohar
  • Phizliphf
  • Chacet
  • Chacet
  • Pakkr

Rumors Heard in PhorosheEdit

  • Were it not for our skirmishes with the Morin clan, we could concentrate on clearing the land of foul beasts!
  • Someday the plains of Kalased will be free of the Taldor scourge!
  • The only thing that keeps the Taldor in Kalased is their tower northeast of here.
  • The lands to the west and the lands of clan Morin, to the south, should be entered with great caution.
  • Some Taldor can cast magic.
  • The Taldor are allied with Dimelves and the Tlatol.
  • Beware the Taldor's pets, the Pennari. Their howl made my husband run from battle!