Primal GuardianEdit

“The world has suffered more than any slave, yet life still flowers in a few places. I have vowed to protect these places of pristine nature, and it’s a promise I intend to keep.”

Many primal guardians are hermits who live in or near the lands they guard. Legendary druids such as Enola, the mul guardian of the Dragon’s Bowl, and Mearedes, the protector of the island of Shault, are excellent examples. Some of these individuals choose their tasks for themselves, freely taking up the mantle of guardianship over some rare and precious verdant patch hidden in the desert. Others are possessed by the primal spirits, haunted or maddened by visions and bound to the place of the land’s need. Still other primal guardians belong to circles or brotherhoods collectively sworn to defend a wide area. Several such circles, consisting mostly of halfling druids and wardens, are scattered throughout the Forest Ridge. Another band known as the Crescent Circle works to defend the Crescent Forest between Gulg and Nibenay. Finally, a few circles are free-roaming orders or societies that keep watch over the whole of the Tyr Region, passing messages to each other and gathering to oppose great dangers when they arise. Benefit: Mark of Thunder

"You invoke the fading power of the world as you strike."

Effect: Once per encounter, when you attack, you mark an enemy until the end of your next turn. Until the mark ends, if the target makes an attack that does not include you, it takes 5 thunder damage.

Level 6 benefit:  Armor of the Land

"The land’s blessings wrap themselves around you, encasing you in a shell of wood and stone and thunder."

Once per encounter, you can use this benefit to gain resistance to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage for your next turn.

Level 14 benefit:  Sandstep

In a swirl of wind driven sand, you move across the battlefield, and the sand obscures you and nearby allies.

Once a day, you can use your move to shift 15 feet, and grant partial cover to you and all adjacent allies.