Qesnef front
Qesnef is an Ogre Mage.  When the party first met him, he was polymorphed into a Halfling warrior called Fesneq.  

He enjoys cheap whiskey and smoking from his hookah.

Qesnef, is an ogre mage who lost a bet with Keraptis and as a result must guard the fabled treasure of White Plume Mountain, the sword of Blackrazor, for 1001 years. In his true form Qesnef is a huge, horned, blue-skinned ogre but he normally uses his innate shape-changing magic to appear in the guise of a doughty Halfling when meeting unsuspecting adventurers.


Qesnef first appeared in session 21.  You freed him from his agreement with the Keraptis, and he walked out of White Plume Mountain, laughing all the way.

Hearing some information about his old master Keraptis, he found the adventurers in Session 33 and gave them his information.  They left him at their headquarters when they went in search of one of the ancient Sorcerer's tombs.

Returning in Session 36, they found that he had moved in to the tent next to the HQ.  He accepted the job of caretaker and now lives on level 5 of the tower.

He built out the Black Lion Brewery and Tap House, and now the Henderbeards enjoy some quality brew.  He also was the only one to pass his roll for raising the dragon, so he is on vacation, taking care of it in the manse of the Catlord.

He sent the picture below in a letter to show the party that he was having fun.

Other namesEdit

Fesneq - When polymorphed into a doughty halfling



Race: Ogre (level 5)

Class: Mage (level 10)

Letterf from Qesnef


  • +2 Mithril shirt
  • +2 Ring of protection
  • Ring of mirror images (5 charges)
  • Slippers of spider climbing
  • Staff of striking
  • Belt of giant strength
  • Pale lavender ellipsoid ioun stone
  • Dust of dryness