"Mother has told me stories about how Rohrkhad, the dwarf god, plucked out his eye and put it in a statue to watch over the the Land of Tarq. When the statue was broken, the eye was lost in the ocean. The dead eye is called 'Orb' now."

The Rinwen Orb is actually the polished silver eye of Highgelfor a giant, living, steel statue made by Rohrkhad to guard his island home during the first Tarq War. The single eye of the statue was said to be able to to see the whole of Tarq. It was plucked out by a human hero who snuck up behind the statue using a magical cloak and hit the back of the statue's head with a battering ram, popping the eye into the ocean. It was recovered by Bloogridpr, the merman hero who used it to find the hidden shrine of the Tlengle god, and defile it. Then he gave it to the air god for safe keeping.

Property:  A character can use the device to see over virtually any distance or into other planes of existence.  You can see and hear some creature, which may be at any distance. If the subject is well known, and succeeds on a DC 16 Wisdom save, the scrying attempt simply fails. The difficulty of the save can also increase depending on how well you know the subject and what sort of physical connection (if any) you have to that creature. Furthermore, if the subject is on another plane, it gets a +5 bonus on its Wisdom save