Rohrkhad the CreatorEdit

We are the children of Rohrkhad, and these are his laws.
Seek HONOR to purify your mind.
Seek STRENGTH to purify your body
Above all, seek ROHRKHAD to purify your spirit.

Centuries ago, Rohrkhad, the original Watcher of Galaq, roamed the land with the dwarves he created. Now, he has all but given up on mortal affairs, and sits on the Throne of Stars watching his creations. He is prevented from interfering in mortal affairs by The Covenants.

When the earth was young and the gods of Power and Elements roamed over the mountains, rivers, and valleys, Rohrkhad, in His Vision, saw that a hardy race of mortals would thrive in such a place. From his palace on Ilakasek, he took up a multitude of stones, both precious and rugged, and formed of them the first dwarf. To this dwarf he gave the Blessed weapon, Khamalkhad - Bane of Dwarven Enemies. It is said that the havens rejoiced on the day the dwarves were created.

He saw the first dwarf, Dahlkhad, as his son. When the race of dwarves was young, dragons were common, but Rohrkhad and the rest of the gods hunted them down. He has two brothers, Palelil and Zlntrlkopfr. His brother, Palelil is the creator of the Taldor, and Zlntrlkopfr created the Tlengle.

One day, Rohrkhad grew tired of the other gods destroying the world he created. So he imprisoned the rest of the gods, but, even while trapped, they retained enough strength to banish him from the land as well.

Rohrkhad created magic. When the world was new, his highest priests could create new spells just by thinking them up. That art, however is long lost.

Legends of RohrkhadEdit

It is said that when a dwarf dies, they go to Rohrkhad's castle. If they have done well in life, they become castle guards. If they have done poorly, they work in the ice mines beneath. Either way, in death, all serve Rohrkhad.

It is said that Rohrkhad plucked out his own eye and put it in a statue to watch over the land of Tarq. When the statue was broken, the eye was lost in the ocean. That eye is now referred to as The Orb.

It is said that Rohrkhad will not return among mortals until there is an end to the strife among the dwarves. It is also said that his castle, there are windows to all the worlds in which he was present so that his children could see how powerful he was.

Temples to Rohrkhad can be found in Sartuma and Hikar