I unnerstand ya wanna journey to Hataan at some point. Am I right?  Well then, there's a lotta things ya should know before ya die.  Things like where da protected grove is, where da ruins are, where ya can find helpful herbs, and other things ya might encounter.

Things can get confusin' out there, so listen close. Da grove is in a valley wit' a river that flows south. It's on da west wall o' that valley, and da valley is south o' da ruins.  Da ruins are inna field surrounded by forest, east of a bridge. Dey're south o' Rulaan, da female barbarian city, and west o' here. 

Many o' da bridges to da west are guarded by nasties, and ya may hafta ford da river or go to its source.

Dere's a patch of herbs inna forest, inna valley wit'out a river. I t'ink it's just east o' da valley wit' da river.

A few people live out dere but ya definitely don't wanna meet up wit' 'em inna dark forest! Dere's two camps in a forest to the far west.


Rolg is a wealthy merchant from the town of Tulara.  He currently has an offer of a 5,000 gp reward for the return of one of his treasures, a hammer he calls Whelm