256px-Cosmetic icon Scepter of the Grand Magus
The scepter of defense is a rod like instrument about 3 feet long, with a hand-grip on one end. It may be used by all fighter classes, wizards, druids, thieves, and monks as a parrying device. When its user is in combat against a human, demihuman, or humanoid opponent, the scepter may be wielded as a +4 melee weapon. The scepter can parry two attacks in one melee round, regardless of the user's level, so long as the attacks come from the user's front and sides. Attacks made from the rear cannot be parried. The scepter is useless as a parrying implement against non-humanoid creatures like dragons or black puddings, against blows from humanoid creatures larger than an ogre, and against attacks from creatures using weaponless combat (such as ogrillons, trolls, or wrestlers).

The user's Strength bonus to hit (if any) may be added to attack and damage rolls. No sort of attack can be made in the same turn that the scepter is used as a parrying device. The scepter functions as a club (1d4 bludgeoning damage) when used offensively. And, so long as it is carried, it confers a +1 bonus to the holder's saving throw vs. all magical effects. This bonus is cumulative with other saving throw bonuses, as a ring of protection.

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