Serpentine Owl: A serpentine owl becomes a normal-sized homed owl (AC 7; MV 24; 2d2 hit points; 1d2/ld2 points of damage when attacking) if its possessor commands, or it can become a giant owl if the owner requires it. The maximum duration of the transformation is eight hours in either case. (However, after three transformations into giant owl form, the statuette loses all of its magical properties.) The normal size, magical statuette moves with 95% silence, has infravision to 90 feet, can see in normal, above-ground darkness as if it were full light, and twice as well as a human. Its hearing is so keen it can detect a mouse moving up to 60 feet away. Anyone or anything trying to move silently has its chances reduced 50% against the serpentine owl in smaller form. Furthermore, the owl communicates with its owner by telepathy, informing him or her of all it sees and hears within the limitations of its intelligence. If commanded to giant size, a serpentine owl is in all respects the same as a giant owl. For information see Owl, Giant, in the MONSTROUS MANUAL accessory. As with most other figurines of wondrous power, this one readily obeys all commands of its owner.

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