The AdventureEdit

We bgan the days adventuring in the Underground Pass.  Solaris nailed trap after trap and then went on a major killing spree of zombies.  Raven had a difficult fight and fell in the end, but was brount back by Solaris.  After the fights, the party headed back to Ishrak's cave for some needed rest and recovery time.  

As usual, Raven headed out to a tree and sat for a bit.  Some orc whelps found her and tried to catch her, but were frightened when she turned back into herself.  After a night of rest, the party headed back to the pass.  As they got deeper and deeper in the cave, they began hearing telepathic voices.  These seemed to be getting to Koftik and he was beginning to go mad.

Theron caught up with the party in the morning and joined them.  After a trapped hallway, the party found an enchanted well.  Learning that it was sealed by a group of paladins, the party decided to destroy the orbs that kept the enchantment going.  The first was down a trapped hallway.  Theron grabbed it.  In searching for the second orb, the party came across a group of trolls.

Solaris took a huge hit and went unconscious on the first round of combat.  Theron was put out of action as well.  Grimweld happened on the party at the perfect time and the party chose to heal up.


6 potions of healing were made by Raven

100 gp


Total:  3450

863 each