The adventureEdit

We started off the day in Tulara, and headed to Kafari, the capital of the Morin Tribe.  On the way, was the first encounter with the evil Taldor.  The party encountered a few taldor and their flesh golem constructs.

Entering the town, they found things to be rather shabby.  The chieftan, Rakan, quested the adventurers to get the treasures of the gods for him, so he could end the war with the Tamar Clan and rule all of the dwarves.

The items he mentioned are:

  • a magic scarab
  • a brooch
  • a mitre
  • a sceptre
  • a golden
  • a golden bowl
  • an orb
  • a crown
  • a whistle
  • the magical death mask of Rohrkhad

You can research these items at one of the loremasters in town to learn more information.

Following on a tip, the party headed for the Pradaqa Tower.  It was recently taken over by the Taldor and was used as a base for attacks on local dwarven towns.  The five day travel passed uneventfully and the party gained entrance to the tower.

Damien borrowed Solaris' dagger, and it turned out to be his lucky item of the day.  Never having missed with it, he gave daggers a new respect.

Fighting their way up to the third floor, the adventuring day ended.  Congratulations on some nice loot.


22 gp

2 sp

Djinn Bane Flame tongue falchion

+1 Life Vine Hide Armor An ancient magic morning star that's magical abilities quickly dissipated when touched by creatures from outside of Tarq.


Session:  10,210

XP per player:  2683