• Damian
  • Henderbeard
  • Raven
  • Solaris
  • Theron

The AdventureEdit

The three from our previous adventure made their way out of the mountain, and headed back to town. Finding Solaris at the tavern, they picked him up and went off seeking adventure. The trip was uneventful, but the party came across a threat they had not encountered before. The floor of one of the rooms they had easily floated across the previous session turned out to be a friction-less surface, and both Damian and Raven fell into another pit. It only did a small amount of damage and everyone shrugged off the poison.

Finding the rogue hangout again, the party investigated the strange waterway that hovered in the air. Solaris ventured in and found it to be a continual loop. Finding no way out there, the party searched the bandit hangout again, and found a secret door. It opened to a small dusty path.

Outside the hallway, Henderbeard and Raven stumbled along, alerting everything in the area to their presence. Giving up on stealth, the party opened the next door, and found themselves in a huge terraced chamber. Each terrace was surrounded by a 6-inch-thick wall and ceiling made of magically treated iron that has been rendered transparent. Effectively turning each terrace into a ten foot wide by ten foot tall hallway ringing the chamber, with chutes to get from level to level.

The first level was empty and dry. Much in contrast to level two, which was filled with water and contained a pod of Hammerclaw lobsters. The lobsters watch the party as they traveled around the room, and got ready to blast them when they came down the chute. Waiting for the first person to enter, all three let off a sonic pulse that instantly stunned Damian. The fight was on. By the end Damian was grabbed in a claw and being dragged to the east. Henderbeard and Raven were clamped in claws and being dragged to the north.

The rest of the party killed the Hammerclaw they were fighting and made quick work of the two that were trying to eat their friends. Moving to the northeast, the party found the next chute closed and a lever next to it. Pulling the lever caused the room to drain out and the door opened into a desert area. The area was populated by huge scorpions. These tough brutes took a lot of damage and kept on going. Henderbeard fell, Raven mass healed everyone, Damian bashed away, and Solaris shot arrow after arrow. In the end, Solaris was the last man standing. Raven was dead, and the party was drained. Solaris mopped up the remaining scorpions and the party retreated to the thieve's den.


Session XP: 20,000  

Each: 4,000  

Currently level 9 (46,030 XP each)  

9,970 XP until level 10


None. Strangely, the creatures kept no treasure at all ...