• Autumn
  • Damian
  • Henderbeard
  • Solaris

The AdventureEdit

We begin today's session in Tulara Steak & Ale. Sitting at the table are two mercenaries who met up with the party. Damian paid them a nice sum of money as an advanced payment for a magic weapon.  While in town, Damien met another halfling, Smannet.  She has no idea how she got to Tarq, but was rised by Varimer.

The party purchased some supplies and headed to a sacred grove to camp in the protection it offered, then headed on to the Delqafi cavern.  The first level was populated by magic users and their stone golems.  They were not very cooperative.  After taking some serious damage, the party snuck out and spent the night camping to recouperate.

Heading back in, the party cleared out the last of the golems and magic users.  They found two more doors, the western door led to a group of umber hulks.  They were dispatched quickly, and then, heading to the south, the party encountered their first dragon.

The green dragon blasted away with lightening breath, but in the end it fell.  The party tried to skin the thing, but only ended up with a square meter of dragon skin.  Henderbeard headed off after the dragon and the remaining three headed to the second level.  He was unhappy that he joined the one arm club.

It was populated with a few groups of displacer beasts.  Their long tentacles beat Damian to a pulp, Solaris took some serious damage, and Autumn blasted away and supported the group.

Moving further in, people began to hear a deep chant.  It was the summoning chant of a devil.  They walked in on Osyluth, the bone devil, summoning two more bone devils.  The fight was hard, but no one faced the poising sting of the evil beasts.  Autumn also greatly helped the party with protection from evil spells.

We finished the session outside of Dablak's chamber.


XP for the session: 18,840 each  

Total XP:  72,465  

XP until next level:  4,535  

Current Level: 10


  • 1231 gp
  • Large silver pearl (100 gp)
  • 3 gold bracelets (300 gp each)