• Autumn
  • Bob
  • Damain
  • Fitz
  • Henderbeard
  • Solaris

The AdventureEdit

We begin out adventuring day in The Seer's chamber. It was much easier to get through the mechanical room of traps than it was to get in. The party was low on supplies, so they headed back to the hide out for some rest. Damian took care of Cutter and let him sleep in his bed.

The next morning the party set out for Flamesmouth Mountain and the Tower of Terror. Just outside of their HQ, they stumbled across a strange omen. A skull materialized and blood ran from its mouth, and it spoke:
"The blood of men grows pale and weak, The land rots while you search and seek.
"A blight on earth for all to see, So civilization can never be.
"The cure you seek is in your hand Even while you search the land.
"No man can change this evil's course, Unless you seek the curse's source."

The skull left a permanent blood stain in the grass where it had appeared, but the skull itself vanished without a trace.  As the party approached Flamesmouth Mountain, three old crones materialized and gave them a warning.  As soon as they vanished, Incendarious the dragon appeared.

A large scar over his heart was visible, and the party would soon know the reason for it.  Incendarious, in a search for immortality had been using a Balor for a heart.  When the party cut him down, the Balor escaped and attacked.

Both the dragon and the demon exploded in death throes of flame, blasting the area around them.  Moving further into the caldera, the party came across a group of red dragons.  The spawn of Incendarious. They were all killed, and our days ends here, in the caldera entrance to the Tower of Terror.


  • Potion of Agility (+2 dex for 1 hour)
  • Potion of Longevity (Reduce age by 1d6+6 years)
  • Elven Cloak
  • 2000 gp
  • 500 pp
  • 2000 gp worth of gems


4000 Each

100,000 XP total