• Autumn
  • Bob
  • Fitz
  • Henderbeard

The AdventureEdit

We begin today's session in the cauldera of Flamesmouth Mountain.  The party was beaten up and deaded to the lair of the black dragon and take a rest.  They found Garx in the library and had a short conversation.  Heading to the southwestern room, Henderbeard dispelled the enchantment on the door, and then burned the snakes.  Henderbeard took out twelve, and Fitz nailed the remaining eight.

Heading back to the cauldera, Autumn tried climbing down a rope into the deep while Fitz and Henderbeard flew down.  Bob floated on the air as well.  Autumn slipped, but Fitz managed to catch her.  Henderbeard flew down and slowed the descent as well.  Landing on a platform, they encountered a huge fire elemental.  Choosing to talk rather than fight, they helped the elemental break its compulsion to remain in the material plane and then freed it with a second cast of dispel magic.

Heading deeper into the cave, they chose to avoid the room that smelled of death, and went up the stairs. Everyone was surprised by a group of invisible poltergeists. Fitz soon saw them with a true sight spell, and Autumn charged in. Henderbeard's fireballs and Fitz's chain lightning did major damage. During most of the fight Autumn was trying to avoid getting sucked into the ethereal plane. She battled the ethereal net that surrounded her.

After the fight, the party investigated a rough hewn cave to the west. Henderbeard mended a pick and started digging.


2,000XP Each

106,000 XP total


  • 900 gp 
  • 50 pieces of jewelry (1000 gp)
  • 3 Potions of healing
  • Potion of diminution
  • Potion of Speed
  • Potion of Super Healing (heals 4d8+2 HP)  
  • +1 Javelin of Lightning
  • Ring of Regeneration
  • Bracers of defense
  • Flying Carpet
  • An strange magical ring