• Bob
  • Damian
  • Grimweld

The AdventureEdit

Fight pit
After a week of communing with his Guiding Totem, Damian was challenged to a fight.  A fight to the death.  He accepted and cracked the teleportal tile.  All of his friends joined him, but were strictly warned not to interfere.  

Grimweld was sure to bring a keg from the tavern.  He seemed very pleased with his own barrel, and carried all over the place.  It has been a long time since I had a player controlled barrel.

Damian fought mightily. He chopped off the Bear's hand, then sliced the tendons in the Bear's leg. One attack down and immobile, the Bear still continued to fight. Damian fell, and fell again, each time his relentless rage brought him back. Until the inevitable happened, and as Damian charged in for a final blow, the Bear lashed out with its good paw and dropped him to the floor of the fight pit.  After promising to take more interest in the bears of the land, Damian was presented with the ability to wild shape into a bear.

The Bear was less than impressed by the Paladin, and offered him a magic Chrysoberyl "Cat's Eye" Ring if he too would fight to the death.  Grim started slowly, using his first action to light the fire of his falchion.  The fight was soon over though.  The Bear lifted a huge paw and stopmped Grim's skill, crushing it, and killing him.

Grim woke up in the Manse of the Catlord.  A strange place populated by all manner opf felines.  He took a week to find his way back to the Prime Material Plane, but appeared less than a second after he died.  A detail that was missed by everyone ... for a while.

Back at the headquarters, there was much discussion about the egg.  Finally, someone realized that time was skewed in the plane of the Catlords.  Bob took a day to memorize Plane Shift, and the group took the egg to the Catlord's domain.

Damian and Bob went with, and aged five years.  Grim's new ring protected him from aging.  All three of them tried to rear the newly hatched dragon wyrmling, but failed.  Others may attempt the bonding process next session.  

Grumbling about their failure, the group heard a knock on the front door.  A ragged dwarf was there, and begging for help.  In a strangely coordinated action, each of the four dwarven towns to the south was overridden by rats, and a plague broke out.  We end the session with Grim and Bob gearing up for curing Filth Fever!


Session XP: 14,000

Total XP: 190,000

Current Level: 15


Chrysoberyl "Cat's Eye" Ring

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