• Bob
  • Henderbeard
  • Fitz
  • Grimweld

The AdventureEdit

We started off curing the town of Kafari.  It dod not go well for the leader of that rtown either.  He is now dead, and the four dwarven towns are all now under one banner.  How will you unify the Morin and Tamar tribes? Moving on to Tulara, Bob tirelessly cured and rid the town of pests.  He went on a spend spree and got come very nice 11 foot long poles.  You never know when you will need that extra foot you know.  You also picked up some nice loot from Rolg.  (Please check the loot page (or leave a comment here) and claim the items you picked up.)

While in that town, Bob did get upset that another dwarf tried to take credit for curing the town.  You also heard rumors that it was Layel who caused the plague, but were able to go and interview her.

Back in town Rolg mentions that Vanderweer should be replaced and Tasil installed as the new governor.  Grimweld was quick to make that change.  He salso gave 20 gp to the poorest dwarf in town.  That night was very lively in thye Rusty Nail Tavern.  All the shop owners had some nice shiny new coin to spend, Rolg had cash to spend, and even Aborra, the poorest of the dwarves, had money to spend.

On the way to the High Temple, you came across a small Taldor raiding party. 

Henderbeard nailed them with a fireball, and Fitz finished them off with another. The last one living was intimidated and finally killed.

Letterf from Qesnef
At the High Temple, you passed the test of strength and the battle with Chaos Beasts. Then you were initiated into the temple of Tito. Bob and Grimweld failed the final test and were put on trial. You realized the nature of the test, and finally were admitted. Next session you will be shown to Tito's resting place.

You also got a letter from Qesnef.  He is enjoying his time with the dragon.

Carnifex Clues LearnedEdit

  1. Glory to the redwood for its tree door will lead to a secret of seven realms (unknown song in the Encyclopedia of the Bards)
  2. Insanity remains when the level of magic encompasses all that was ever learnt before. I, myself, and others such as Carnifex have been afflicted with this utter folly.. , (Life of Prince Moriem)
  3. All is not what it appears to be. Light remains after darkness, life springs forth after death, hope subsists after oblivion. This, my son, is a universal law affecting even the seven realms. (Lord McGregor’s eachings, engraved skull XXVII, dated 1090)
  4. Of all the constructions I have ever seen, never did I find such a fabulous map. The architecture of Castle Carnifex defies even the mind of the cleverest dwarf. (Life of a Castellan, by Hippolito de Fedorias)
  5. In the realms of the outer planes exist things of power unspeakable. I once envisioned a fortress of flames ... One must not linger in such dwelling. (Dreams and Nightmares, Vol. I)


Session XP: 14,000

Total XP: 217,000

Current Level: 15


Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis

Belt of Battle

Belt of Many Pockets

Monocle of Perusal

Gauntlets of the Master Strategist

Product Property Stock Price
Mirget +2 damage for one hit 3 50 gp
Healing Potion Heals 2d8+2 HP 4 100 gp
Gonshi +2 Dex for one hit 8 50 gp
Nift +2 to AC for 1 hit 4

50 gp

Luffin +2 to attack for one hit 6 50 gp
Turpin Max damage for a spell 1 400 gp
Blessed Bandage Immediately stabilize a dying creature (can be used untrained without a healing check) 4 50
Sleep Smoke Creatures need to make a DC 14 Con save or sleep for 1d3 minutes.  (affects 20 ft diameter circle.) 2 100
Blasting Pellets Covers 5 ft square, any creature going through the square takes 1d6 damage 2 50
Shape Sand Through the exertion of your will (Wisdom check DC 16), you can create any mundane non-magical object out of sand that serves as a normal item of the same sort. It retains that shape as long as it stays within 100' of you, but you can also reshape it whenever you like by making another Wisdom check. 1 250
Liquid Sunlight On impact, the liquid continues to give off light like a torch for 1 round. A struck creature who is light sensitive becomes Dazzled for 1 round. A creature that is actually harmed by sunlight, such as a Vampire, takes 1d6 damage. 3 50
Expandable Pole Every adventurer needs the obligatory 10' pole, but this one "goes to 11". It can be adjusted to 5', 7', 9', or 11' lengths, or collapsed down to 1'. 3 20
Quick Draw Sheath 1 Dagger can be drawn from this sheath as a free action during combat. 2 75

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