• Bob
  • Fitz
  • Grimweld
  • Henderbeard
  • Solaris

The AdventureEdit

We begin today's adventure at the gates of Marat, the Tlengle city.  Bob led the group to the Cliffside Guesthouse and got rooms for the party.  He tipped well and checked out the kitchen.  Then Grimweld lead the party to the Golden Cliffs Tavern. After having some Cliffside Stout, the party discussed a plan of action for tomorrow, and Grimweld used the Windscribe Quill. He asked the quill whether the party was capable of defeating Ragnar and the demon. Unimpressed by the quill's answer of possibly (50:50), the adventurers retired for the evening. On the following day, they went shopping, procuring some goodberries (150 GP) and Evoker's draught (a Turpin potion) from the mushroom shop, sold some gems and bought a Pearl of Power (4500 GP) to/from Pmtokid the gem dealer. Unsurprisingly, Pmtokid devoured the sold gems, but his satiation showed no bounds. Ultimately, Grimweld scared off the townspeople with 'Vandehey', then the party headed to the weapon shop.When speaking to the operator of one store they learned of a Tlengle mage, and decided to pay him a visit.

This Tlengle had a great sense of humor, as most Tlengle it seems, in stark contrast to Grimweld. The Tlengle mage and Solaris traded jokes, keeping the party in absolute stitches, until the companions remembered their innate responsibilities and set off to kill or destroy things/person(s) for the greater good.They accompanied Atticus back to the crypt, cleansing it with fire, moving ever closer to their goal of communing with Atticus' deity and wrenching the superstitious Tlengle from the demon's control.

After an eventful morning of shopping, the party headed north to Anforn again.  Moving through the subterranean halls, they found a room of skeletons. The skeletons died.  Still unsure why Bob didn't just turn undead them all.


Atticus 10,000

Bob  20,000

Fitz  20,000

Grimweld  20,000

Henderbeard  10

Solaris  15,000


Identified the quill from last session as the Windscribe Quill

15 Preserved goodberries

1 Turpin

Ring of feather fall

Pearl of Power

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