• Atticus
  • Bob
  • Dorath Kir
  • Grimweld

The AdventureEdit

We started in Anforn cavern.  The stench of death and decay were ever present.  Checking the hallwasy to the west, Atticus triggered a force cage trap that seperated him from Bob and conjured up a Bone Devil.  Atticus was in bad shape and only got worse.  As soon as he fell unconscious, the devil started to eat his innards. Bob got a lucky smash and started destroying the force cage.

The devil quickly moved to attack Bob. Jumping back and forth whenever Atticus gained healing and dropping him again. It was a hairy fight. Moving to the south, the party encountered another trap. A stinking cloud that dropped Dorath to his knees. The party dragged the puking Dorath out of there and they shut the door.

Needing a rest and some recouperation, the party headed back to town.  They found some magic items and Grimweld handed over a scroll of Identify and 1000 gp to Rnjrnet to have them identified.  They are in the loot below. Moving between town and Anforn, hundreds of undead have been slain by the Henderbeards. Noticeably fewer undead roam the land now.

The following morning, they set out again. Only having killed 100 or so undead along the way, the party decided to investigate the evil voice that taunted them on the previous day. It was a Pit Fiend. There was a lucky stroke when it failed in summoning minions. It was a tough fight though. The devil was nearly dead and it wished itself back to full health. It fought hard and long. As soon as it was near death, it took the cowardly route and teleported out of the cavern. Nobody knows where it went, but one thing is sure. It was not banished from this plane.

We ended last session looking over the cave where the Pit Fiend was found.

Quotes from this session:

I blow the Mass Heal - Bob


Atticus 20,000

Bob 20,000

Dorath Kir 10,000

Grimweld 20,000


Orb of Mental Renewal

Necklace of fireballs (7 beads)

Deep red sphere Ioun stone (+1 to dex)

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