• Atticus
  • Ava
  • Bob
  • Fitz
  • Henderbeard

The AdventureEdit

You killed a god

Atticus becomes a god

  1. Undead are enemies of myself.
  1. All demons are considered enemies of myself.
  1. The Earth is sacred to all living who walk upon it.
  1. The symbole of my religion is now a shepards crook.
  1. Treat all non-tlengl with the same respect you would show one of our own.
  1. Innocent are held above all else.
  1. Freedom of mind as well as body

You gained the Iron Crown

Quote of the dayEdit

'I don't want to suckle at the teat of anybody' - Bob


20,000 for the full session.

Congratulations Bob - You are now level 20.

Congratulations Henderbeard - You are now level 19


Epaulette of flying - These are a part of the Robes of the Arch Maji and allow the owner to fly at a speed of 40

Scepter of Defense

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