• Atticus
  • Ava
  • Bob
  • Henderbeard

The AdventureEdit

We begin today's adventure on the road.  Deciding what fire to put out first, the party decided to go take care of the werewolves.  Their first stop was in Phoroshe.  Ava headed to the weapon shop and was surprised by the empty shelves.  Bob had bought them out last week.

In the Rusty Nail Tavern, Ava talks to a man named Korchar who had some information about legendary items that are sequestered in the ice caves underneath castle Entemar.  Attacus found a fellow Tlengle and they drank vast amounts of alcohol, and made beer puns.

Bob got stopped by the town Marshall on the way out and avoided some accounting work. The party argued over who they should leave in town to take care of running things. Fitz was voted as the one to do it, so he stayed behind.

Quote of the dayEdit


30,000 XP for the session


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