• Atticus
  • Ava
  • Bob
  • Fitz
  • Grimweld
  • Henderbeard

The AdventureEdit

We begin today's adventure in Castle Entemar.  The Henderbeards were resting up after a harrowing ordeal the previous day.  Two incarnations, War and Death, made an appearance, as well as Tito, the protector of the weak.  The party decided to forage on and went into the ice tunnels below.

Ava scouted ahead and avoided a fight with some Necromants.  They chose to head south into the spider webs.  The fight with the large spider living there brought two more Efreeti and things got hairy.  Henderbeard was infested with baby spiders and cut off.  The fire walls the efreetis threw up were challenging.

Moving south, the party encountered a magically sealed door. Despite all attempts, it refused to open. Leaving the door, the party came across another group of efreetis. These fire lords took a toll, but with elemental mantles and protection from element spells going, the party just had a long drawn out fight. Two Necromants fled Bob's Spiritual Guardian.

They were soon found in a strange room. Fitz nailed the entire room with a fire ball, and Henderbeard blinded all of the invisible Fire Lords. The fight was soon over, with Ava attacking away and Grimweld leveling the enemies with his falchion.

They mopped up a few more efreetis along the way and encountered the resting place of Rohrkhad. The god was happy to see them, and granted Grimweld his spells back. He held no ill will toward Atticus or Bob. He had been following their adventures and supports their efforts.

He produced the treasures that Ava was searching for and offered a nice boost to wisdom.

Blessing of RohrkhadEdit

+1 to wisdom





Mithril chain of shadows

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