• Atticus
  • Ava
  • Fitz
  • Grimweld
  • Solaris

The AdventureEdit

Dragons by TheGtype

Dragon Riders of Tarq

We began the adventure in the Shrine of Evil Chaos.  Grimweld got cursed by two cups, and he loved those cups.  The rest of the group held him and removed the curse.

Moving further north, a pesky group of evil clerics attacked.  Moving further in, Solaris recognized the secret door and got it opened.  At first it appeared to be filled with rocks, but the group soon saw through the illusion.  Moving in, Solaris got in a sneak attack and hit a bad guy.  

In round two, the cambion joined and Ragnar appeared.  The fight was difficult, Solaris ran for the door and at first the party was going to just run, but they started beating the cambion.  Atticus cast feeblemind on the demon and the fight went down hill from there.  He had taken damage from walking through thorns and got held.

Ragnar was ripped in half.  His physical body fell to the floor and his spirit was banished.  Grimnweld smited the heartless body of Ragnar.  Solaris killed the demon, and Grimweld put the bad guy down.  The zombies trudged through the thorns and were beaten down by Fitz's cantrips and Solaris's arrows.

The party moved further in and Fitz felt momentarily mesmerized by strange movements on a magic tapestry. He quickly shook it off and the party regrouped and headed to Shadrag's. Shadrag soon met them and hugged Grimweld and Solaris. Solaris introduced the rest of the party and then Henderbeard's barrel rolled up. Shadrag tapped it and handed out beers. Grimweld passed out on a cot.

Atticus headed out and made a new staff. After dinner, the party sat around and told stories.


50,000 XP


2 Torloch's Saddle of Comforts

A strange leather-bound book with a desiccated tongue on the cover.  This has been identified as the Tome of the Stilled Tongue

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