"Curse those Taldor swine! They ravage the land and threaten our children! 

The evil and twisted creations of the jealous god, Palelil, these creatures seek to end the life of every dwarf on Tarq!"


When Rohrkhad created the Dwarves, his misshapen brother, the foul god Palelil, in his jealousy and hatred, created the loathesome race of Taldor. 

Palelil, so we believe, breathed life into the Taldor. Because of Palelil's fear and hatred of Rohrkhad, the Taldor race unthinkingly strived for the destruction of all the dwarven peoples.


The Taldor have no thoughts of their own, only the repulsive thoughts of their maker. When Rohrkhad saw what his brother had done, his rage was like fire from the heavens, but the deed was done and could not be undone.

However, that his children, the Dwarves, not be mercilessly slaughtered by the new, hideous creations, he overpowered Palelil and forced a weakness upon the Taldor.


When Palelil was at his mercy, Rohrkhad decreed that the Taldor shall have a weakness for alcohol and that their tongues shall loosen greatly when drunk, revealing all manner of secrets, should the Dwarves be crafty enough to wrest them out of the drunken miscreants.