Thieves' Tools of StealthEdit

These magical thieves' tools are a great boon to any thief or rogue. They do not appear to be made of metal, but instead appear to be constructed of a very dark, hard substance, perhaps obsidian. While they are magical, no means of detecting magic can reveal this fact. 

Property:  The tools confer an increase in skill dice to a rogue's open locks and remove traps rolls.

Property (Attuned):  The greatest power of the tools is revealed when they are placed inside their case, and the case is touched to the user's skin. The case magically melds into the individual's body. There the tools safely remain, until the owner concentrates on bringing them to the surface. If a rogue is slain while the tools are melded with his skin, the tools reemerge.

A thief's tool set usually includes the following equipment: one set (universal lock picks, prybar, waxed cord with two hooks and six thin steel spikes. whipsaw, cutters, two small black velvet bags., black leather gloves and mask, iron grapnel with 2·foot shank and end-ring), and 30 gp. 

Source: Polyhedron Newszine 82

GP Value: 750