Torloch's Saddle of Comforts GP Value: 20,000

Most dragon knights use saddles for a comfortable ride on their mounts. Torloch s saddle, however, was created to ease the rigors of long cross-country journeys on dragon-back. Its seat and safety straps offer a pleasant, secure ride, but its main attractions are the various pouches and what is concealed within them. A saddle of comforts contains the following items in its pouches. Each may be used and replaced, then used again after at least 24 hours have passed. If the original item is not returned to its pouch within 24 hours, it loses its dweomer and no other magical item appears to take its place. There is a 30% chance for any saddle that is found to be missing 1d8 of its items.

  • Potion of dragon sight
  • Decanter of endless water
  • Cloak of warmth
  • Potion of fire resistance
  • Rope of climbing
  • Tent of shelter
  • Horn of fog
  • Pouch of food
  • Iridescent spindle ioun stone (sustains without air).

Most of the above items are self-explanatory. The ioun stone is used when facing hostile dragons with breath weapons; the potion of fire resistance is similarly useful. The horn of fog is used for concealment.

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