Torongo was killed by Grimweld

"Greetings, adventurers. Since you are in need of aid, I have a proposition for you. Scattered throughout the land of Tarq and the surrounding islands are many lost relics."

The evil and hated Morin, weak dwarves living to the south of here, covet these treasures. But as chief of the greatest tribe in the land, they are rightfully mine.

Unfortunately, I can spare no troops to secure these treasures, as I must protect my people against the depradations of the Taldor. With the treasures in my possession, I will be hailed as the most powerful Dwarf of our time.

Return these treasures to me and I shall reward you appropriately. 

There was a magic scarab, a brooch, a mitre, a sceptre, a golden bowl, an orb, a crown, a whistle, and the magical death mask of Rohrkhad."

Torongo is the chief of the Tamar Clan.  He lives in Haraza