Facts and Figures
Type Village
Population 1500
Region Unamar
Chief Tasil
Tavern Tulara Steak & Ale

Main Diety Rohrkhad
Race Dwarven

Bussisness of TularaEdit


Population: 2,500

Tribe:  Morin

Townspeople you have metEdit


  • Forzo
  • Dilkatek
  • Manteki

Patrons of Tulara Steak & AleEdit

  • Tory
  • Dagma
  • Frena
  • Gronak
  • Webber
  • Enric Palazo
  • Temra
  • Vanderweer
  • Wingro
  • Thalo

Rumors heard in TularaEdit

  • Clan Tamar's raids have made it difficult to keep Unamar free of dangerous creatures.
  • Evil creatures lurk in the swamps to the west. Steer clear of them. --The Taldor often have Pennari, Dimelves and Tlatol in their company.
  • I wish someone would settle the clan feud between the Morin and the Tamar so the men could spend more time at home!
  • It is said that the Dimelves are excellent archers. Some even say they are mystical.
  • My husband once went to the library for information on 'teleportals'.


  • Look, see, its my new Bucky decoder ring!
  • Daddy says to stay away from strangers but I think you're funny lookin'! --Shouldn't you be out killing monsters?
  • Bucky! Bucky! he's the best! Kills more monsters than the rest!