Essence of DarknessEdit

Source: The Complete Thief's Handbook Property:  This pure black oily fluid must be kept in tough, light-proof containers, since it is destroyed after one turn in bright sunlight or one hour exposed to daylight. Essence of darkness is pure, concentrated, liquefied darkness itself. It can be used in a number of ways:

  • When a dose is swallowed it makes the imbiber's entire body, including hair, teeth, and even the whites of the eyes, pure matte black in color. This can enhance a thief's chance of hiding in shadows as shown below.
  • If a dose is diluted in a gallon of warm water, the essence creates a powerful black dye. A gallon of this diluted form can be used to dye clothes and even armor and weapons; one gallon of the dye is sufficient to treat the clothes and equipment of one character. The dye takes one turn to mix and soak into the items and one turn to dry. This process also affects the chances for successful hiding in shadows.
  • Essence of darkness is unstable and if a vial is struck by a crushing blow it explodes into darkness 15' radius. A single dose of the magical essence creates a darkness 5' radius if struck.

Bonus: Body only (wearing normal clothes) +1 Body only (wearing no clothes) +5 Clothes only +4 Both body and clothes +8

Duration:  When swallowed 1d4+4 rounds, when used to die clothing and equipment: 6 hours.

Rarity: Rare

GP Value: 560